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US Internet Service Company Blocks Controversial Digital

On Saturday, the American Internet Service provider ceased to support Kiwi Farms, a contentious Internet message board. Cloudflare said that this could be a threat to human life, and it has temporarily forced kiwi farms online. Clara Sorrenti, a Canadian trans woman who streams on the popular gaming website Twitch, was the target of a campaign of abuse and violent threats that involved Kiwi Farms.

Sorrenti, better known as “Keffals” online, has launched a campaign asking Cloudflare to stop serving the site. Sorrenti claimed to have just moved out of his Canadian home and moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to live with friends after an online leak of his personal information, out of concern for his safety. She claims that the online harassers were able to play music for her down there, nevertheless.

The decision by Cloudflare comes amid an ongoing discussion about what crucial Internet organizations and systems should do in response to online hate and harassment campaigns that are created using their services. The CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, has long expressed dissatisfaction with his organization’s capacity to determine what is and isn’t allowed to be online. Others in Silicon Valley who contend they shouldn’t be in charge of policing Internet expression have echoed this argument.

In an effort to respond to growing demand from the public to stop supporting Kiwi Farms, Cloudflare released a blog post last Wednesday in which it attempted to clarify its position. In a blog post, they claimed that after both terminations, they noticed an increase in authoritarian countries pleading with us to cease providing security services to human rights organizations.

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