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Roku Latest Update is Causing Issues with Youtube App

Roku says it’s working to fix issues that users have been reporting following its 10.5 software update. The blog reported the problems earlier on Monday, citing posts on Reddit and  forums where users said that apps like HBO Max, ESPN, Disney Plus, and more wouldn’t allow them to watch any video content after updating the OS their smart TVs.

Older Roku TV models or older Ultra players” are affected by the problematic update. In a post on its forum, the company instructs users with Ultra models 4660, 4661, 4662, or 4670, and users with a TV model 7XXX to manually check for a software update and tells owners of other devices to subscribe to the thread for future details.

Roku has been having users roll back their OS to a previous version on a case-by-case basis after the user contacts support with information about their devices. While at least one Reddit user has reported seeing a prompt to “upgrade” from 10.5 to 10.0, doesn’t mention that it’ll be widely offering a downgrade in its posts on Twitter or its forums.

While Roku users have also reported issues with streaming using the YouTube TV app, that particular issue doesn’t appear to be limited to just one platform — Android Police says that YouTube TV users have been having problems across almost every device, from streaming boxes like Apple TVs, Amazon Firesticks, and even Google’s Chromecasts, to consoles and smart TVs. YouTube’s support team said that it was working on a fix for the issue on Roku devices but later said that the company was looking into the case on other devices.

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