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Quorn Foods Enters U.S. Households

Quorn Foods is a Chicago-based food company that is extending its avenue to make a household name.Foods USA is operated by its parent company Monde Nissin Corp based in the Philippines. During an initial public offering in June, the company raised roughly $1 billion in the capital.

Judd Zusel, the president of Quorn Foods USA, said that the parent company’s resources would help achieve the goal. He added that establishing business presence in the United States is a major strategic priority of Monde Nissin. Observing the sales made by the two companies through the first half of 2021, Monde Nissin reported $156 million, whereas  Foods reported $14 million.

Quorn has a successful track record in the United Kingdom, and Mr. Zusel hopes to achieve a strong foothold in the American market as well. Headquartered in the U.K., acquired a sale of $122 million in the first half.The brand is popularly known for its key ingredient that is mycoprotein. Mycoprotein has significance to health, posing as a complete protein very rich in fiber considerably low in saturated fat. The ingredient has zero cholesterol.

Quorn will focus primarily on its Chicken-based product line, also manufacturing other applications such as grounds or meatballs. has already established plans to introduce six new products in the immediate future by the end of 2021. Three of these will consist of the alternative chicken wing along with two alternative chicken sandwiches varieties. The major challenge for Quorn plans to enter the U.S. is its manufacturing footprint.

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